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      How my life went with a couple of kids in my school


well i have true story i am only 16 and still in high school. but i used to get picked on a lot and i still get picked on hear and their but i deal with it. people would call me a skank a loser a fat but quot quote. but  i didn't stick up for myself now i finally do since 9th grade i have,.I'm in tenth grade now, but any who  i till this day still get called names i don't know why i just sit their and do my work and get called names it ticks me off I'm not a skank i wear nice clothes and have a pretty nice house so this year only a couple people started on me but i stood up for myself and they left me alone. but here and their their are little immature boys who say rude stuff. but i deal with it.this is to who ever reads this never be afraid to stick up for your self it helps out a lot comment my story..... and if u need advice see u later,,


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