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      Take time


Take time ... the message Sirs put on the picture he gave me. We started out as office mates. He was our engineer and i was the clerk.  Then, friendship started as we shared a long walk  from our office to the city center.  For about 3-4 hours we just walked, talked, laughed  and started  to know each other better.


He has a suicidal GF. He told me that. And that they'd been together for several years already. He wanted to break it off but every time it happened his gf ended up in the hospital with her family begging him to stay.  He said its ok...and decided to stay. Then he noticed that  there are no changes with their relationship. He couldn't talk things openly to her. He couldn't discussed to her how proud he is about his son when he was on 1st year college.


Our friendship has grown into something deeper. We reached a mutual understanding. He apologized he fell inlove with me  since he knew its  wrong. I knew it was indeed so eventually i let go of him no matter how painful it was for me. We parted out as good friends.


Years passed and then we met again. He 's still with his gf and i have a son out of wedlock. We still hangout together along with our common friends. Our respect for each other  is still there and then eventually he admitted that after all these years he still love me.I told him how i truly feel as well.


We still share same the same love for each other or maybe deeper but are separated by our different choices and decisions. What we had and have shared is something beautiful not everyone can have.


Then he said again, take time... And i know  exactly what it means now. Love takes time. So, i guess Sirs and I will just have to  take time and  see what life  will offer and where will it lead us.


Sirs, if by chance you'll read this story, "I love you and I'll die remembering that."


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