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      The closer we are, the more pain I feel


it was our singles fellowship when i first met him..

he was thin yet he is cute, i like the way he look at people i like his eyes..

i like the way he talk but i never had the chance to talk to him shake his hands and know his name..

after our fellowship i felt frustrated and unhappy because i was not able to talk to him because I'm shy and maybe turn pale if he is on my front i guess..

one day i was surprised when someone added me on his yahoo...i was curious because i never knew who was that person..when i ask him of who he is i was so happy to know that he was the man of our SF..

since then we used to talk, chat and text..

one day he ask me if i had a bf i thought its something because he ask..but he only advises me to choose a christian bf it made me sad....i really expect of something..but its not what t I'm thinking

now if we see each other i still smile at him but hurt and pain inside...because the day i met him i dreamed and now i know it will never happen..

i knew he like someone else and besides i don't deserve to be love by him he is too kind and humble and i am different from him...

but i will always love him and i will never forget him because this is the first time that i felt like this with one person..

i hope that he will find the right woman that will love him forever, a christian and faithful one...


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