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      None of its fair. Please answer my plea for hope.


I don't understand any of it. You just cant win. You hear it all the time from all the angles, she loves him, but he loves her, but she sleeping with him, but he has someone on the side, yada yada  yada, etc.  Nothing comes from this. Life isn't the way the movies promised us and Im scared. I just had my heart broken. Fixed, then broken, and I see that so many people have too, This is a desperate plea for response, is ANYONE happy out there, does ANYONE end up with the one they want, or is everyone just settling for second or third best? Does everyone out there have regrets about who they ended up with?


I want to know if there is any hope out there, or whether I should just give up and surrender myself to misery  and loneliness. I want to know, did anyone out there find true happiness in the one they ended up with?  




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