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The first time i saw him was at my varsity cafeteria .. it felt so warm and secured.. after few months i was called to emcee his program.. we talked.. we became good friends.. later i realized i like him.. during semester break he called me out but i insisted..though we are friends but we dun show it...then he gave gift for my birthday..a table lamp.. always be beside me when i am upset.. makes humour.. he was very sweet.. 2 years passed.. he once asked.. "do you like me? how i wish i could say yes.. but i cant cause i have promise towards my family stopped me..we still contact thereafter.. till 17 June 2008 i messaged him and told.."Nathan i think i like u"..after a long time he messaged"its not wrong.. but i dunno how to answer.. i must be focused n dedicate my life to success path.. but i need u partner.. a phrase that cant be forgotten in lifetime ..but i understand his situation.. n moved away though its not easy..he graduated n i met him coincidentally.. every single seconds of facing him torn my heart to pieces..i know he liked me.. my heart said so.. but he never confessed..  sacrifice is greater than is greater than wealth.. but nothing is greater than remembrance.. it was not your fault  neither mine.. but i will still love you.. n i know maybe one day u will too.. till then  we do our part.. partner...maybe one day if  u came by this page u will know how i felt for u.. i know you have responsibilities too .. and that's why u avoided me.. god bless u..i liked u for who u was.. for your smile n your love towards your family..


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