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      Ripped apart


when i met conner, i thought he was perfect. he was sweet and caring and always knew what i needed. i was so in love with him  and i thought he was in love with me. he said it, he showed it by showering me with all the care and respect i could want.

one night he went to a party that was held by one of his relatives. the next day i asked him what happened at the party and he gave me general details. i pressed for more information but he still didnt give any more. he grew distant after that night but he still regularly told me he loved me and cared.

about 2 weeks later, i got a call from a very trusted friend and found out that he had had sex with another female the night of the party. i was instantly crushed. i felt as though my boyfriend himself had slapped me in the face. tears ran down my face and i collapsed to the floor. i hung up on my friend and cried for hours. for the next few weeks, i did not speak to anyone or look anyone in the eye. i cried every night and sunk into my own bubble.

eventually, my boyfriend found out that i knew and decided to confess. we broke up and i became very depressed. i still cry and wish that he had respected me enough to tell me first or not do it at all. he does not speak to me and we barely ma eye contact. i miss the way he used to be and i was wondering if anyone could comment and help me with this pain. please. i need your help.


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