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      Heartbroken & Confused


I met him last year around May. at first i didnt take any interest in him as i saw he had a lot of girls after him. he was very good looking. we exchanged numbers but i didnt bother to call him or txt him til about 2 weeks later i received a txt message from him saying 'hey y havent you dropped me a txt' i txtd him back saying that i was sorry and i had been busy and we continued to send eachother txt msgs for the next few months and was starting to get to know eachother a bit better. i started having feelings for him as he seemed caring towards me. he started flirting with me and i told him i liked him & he told me he liked me back. we then got 2gether as a couple & he seemed the most politeful generous loving person on eearth. earlier this year we started to have problems with arguing over nothing & he started to get agressive & controlling. he knew i had fel 4 him & used it as a weapon against me rite til this minute iam confused & heartbrokn at hw he could do this to me if he tels me he loves me?


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