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      My happy love life


My happy love life occurs since i learn to love him.

i fell in love with James when i first look in his eyes and when i first see his smile .


although he has a dark complexion and his hair is curly(like an Aeta) i still love him and i cared for him always.

and i am very happy when i see him.


then one night, i see him with his friends talking to each other and my gosh!!! i saw him looking at me. i felt very nervous that night especially when they told him "she might be afraid to you if you told her that you love her" when i heard that i felt my heart beat fast then i told to myself " oh! my God he is in love with me" i was very happy that night.


and  until now i still remember it and i HOPE that one day i can tell him this words" I LOVE YOU "  


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