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      Love at a young age



When I was in grade 9 i met my friends brother. At that time i really didn't think that much because we went out for a short time and broke up in May.i didn't see him after that for a whole while.


The following year he came to  visit again but at that time i was seeing some one else and we were very close friends and kissed.Early the following year his sister passed away the first night we started kissing and after that we were dating.


He when over seas and when he came back we broke up ones again because he had cheated on me. I decided that i had enough even though i loved him i had to give up.December the same year we started dating again and it was good while it lasted.


The following year his mother passed away and it really broke his heart and mine for seeing him cry like that. But still it didn't work out and we broke p again.He move to his aunt and they way we acted then was like we didn't know each other. This went on for  a long time sometimes nice words sometimes we were rude to each other.


Eventually we started dating again and was like heaven.No we see that we love each other through all the ups and downs at the same time.


I am very happy to have felt love at a young age now I will know in future and will be able to tell my kids how it feels to be in love cause i have felt it at a young age.


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