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      Losing love


When i was younger i use to want love badly. To the point i would cry at night wanting that special someone. My life changed drastically in high school. I wanted that special someone. I can remember as if it was yesterday. I was sitting down with my friends. Laughing about myspace, talking about some of the hottest songs and what we were gonna wear to prom. He came over and ask to sit down. For the next couple of days he was at our table. One day as i was walking he comes running next to me asking if i would go to prom with him ( witch was a couple of months away.)


Of course i said no. He was cute but..i dont k ow i just didnt want him. Weeks went by and he would walk me home. After a while we started to talk on the phone. I foundout he was gentle, romantic, and egotistical. We then became a couple. It was crazy i was opening to him. I would go to his house watch movies and never feel pressure to do things i didnt want to.


Well tis is were the part comes. The part i've cried millions of times about. The part i've tried trillions of times to re-write. Nothing happens and everyday i must wake up knowing that i loved him. The night of prom he said he loved me. I said nothing back, Why not when this had been my dream since i was thiteen to have some teel me they love me. Why couldnt i say it back.


Prom with beautifully that night. But after time i started to push myself away. I rememeber months later he called me wanting to go on a walk. We talk,laughed played. And he said he felt as though we should stop seeing each other. We were going to be miles away. But he promised he come back and love me more than ever.


4 years went by. We talked on the phone all the time. Then thats when we had a n argument and i said i never wanted to talk to him again. I said i never loved him and was just to afraid to say i didnt. Why was i such a damn fool?


2 more years went by. I was coming home from work and there he was on my door step. I ask him what he was doing here and he said he was about to get married to who but my best friend. I was mad but i acted as if i didnt care.He then grab my hand and said " I dont wanna make a mistake marrying her, what u said 4 years ago was it true. Honeestly can you tell me you dont love me." And i told him i didn t.


Months later i go to the wedding knowing that. Some people take love by its hand, hold it tight and never let go. While others push it away. But the greatest love of all is willing to be in a wedding knowing the man you love is marrying the wrong woman. I didnt interfere but i sat there and watched knowing that i had love and it walked rioght out my front door.


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