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      Hard to let go


I am in a relationship at that time when i met a guy who really touches my life. It was really not my intention to betray my present boyfriend because  he was just my special friend.

It all started when it was the rainy night of September at the Meting De Avanci that I met a guy. Days passed, we became friends. Texting was our bridge of communication that time, we often text with each other through our cellular phone.


It was at the time of the breeze of December that my boyfriend was sent to Manila to visit his uncle. Also with the intention of maybe his uncle will support him in his studies their in Manila. I really feel so sad as my boyfriend told me about that. Time came that he was on board, I wasn't able to wave him goodbye at that time.


Days passed,  my special friend was my daily companion with out knowing that I am in still in a relationship. But our communication with my boyfriend is still  active. 


Our bonding with my special friend became more closer and sweeter as if it would really last. Until it came into a serious courtship, where it t leads me into a total analysis about choosing bet. the two of them or not.


It was my mistake that I said yes unto him, we became more than fiends. Our relationship was really said to be so blessed. He was indeed really unique, different among the others he seem to be so perfect. 


But one day, unexpectedly my boyfriend came back in a form of surprising me. I was really shocked and confuse. I feel the guilt inside of me. I love him so much but I am also in love with the other guy. It was really hard for me to decide. But I don't really have to choose bet. the two them, but I prefer to chose my original boyfriend and just conclude that I am in a mistake of betraying him. Now our relationship was getting stronger, love 'till eternity  was our motto.


I am sorry for my mistake, but I admit I still love my special friend but we must set apart. Now i finally realize forbidden love really hurts and I don't know how to let go from the treasured memories.


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