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      I really really like him..i'm crazy over him!!!


I really really like him..i'm not sure about love but i really do have strong feelings towards him..i think about him everyday and night..i think of what he's doing right now..whether he'd eaten or maybe he's sleeping now..


he's the coolest guy i've ever met in my life..even though he's not very good looking but he has nice manly body..tall and tough..and is very good in a specific sport..


he flirts with me..i really fell for it deeply..but yesterday i realised it was all for fun..he's just joking with me..i cried my heart out for the whole yesterday..i even cried when i first woke up today..till now...i still can feel my tears.. 


it all started during sukma..all the messages he sent me..i fell for it..all the messages are really sweet..i kinda have feelings towards him but i was thinking " wont happen"..but after one of my guy friend told me that he might have feelings towards me and we chat like couples..i dont know why i just felt like i fell for him already! but actually he did not..i was blinded with all the sweet messages and forgot about everything..every single thing i do he'l always come first..whenever he replies a little slower i'l start those stupid thinkings..he happened to be one of the guy who helped another guy to come after me..he even scolded me in testi cause i did not respond to that guy..sigh..and i kinda dislike him that time..but now..i have feelings towards him!! omg...


we're friends for 2 years plus already..he apologized for the testi thingy after added me in msn and started talked to me he said cause he din know me that time..we became good friends..3 of us still..we text quite alot but more and closer since sukma..i used to tease him with another girl he liked..but he said the distance too far so he's kinda over her already..and the problem is till now we cant even talk face to face yet!! not even a sentence!!! when i finally really think i really like him..alot..he fell for another girl already..i'm really sad..i finally made up my mind to let him know how i felt for him..i tot we might chance..i hint him..he even messaged me late at night just to find out who i like..seriously how he acted really made me felt that he likes me..even my friends said so..many people spread rumours about us..i was happyy for it ..he kept asking me and finally i was bored and i told him!!!what a confession!!!i felt so dumb and felt like killing myself!!! till now!!! he was cool and said he's surprised cause he's nowhere good enough for me!!! how idiot can i be??? i knew it was an excuse...sighhhh....stupidiest thing i've ever done!!! he didnt seem to care though...not even a little i guess...sighhh...i'm really sad...i was so sad yesterday that i actually simply talked in msn..he said i din make sense for whole day edyy..guess he don realise how much i like him..i really dunoo what to do noww..cant stop thinking about it..i really really want him so badlyy..i'll do anything just to make him fall for me but i dont know what to do right now!!! i'm lost!!! i need him!!! and only him!!! i will really appreciate him if i have him!!! wish he could fall for friends said maybe he's a playboy..i hope he's not..sighh..maybe this is what i deserve after letting the others down..but i'm really wishing upon every single star that he could be mine forever and ever...


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