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      The story what still goes on


when i was about 12 my mum and dad spilt up and i was so glad this happened because my dad wasn't a very nice man and when my mum spilt up with him i got closer to her and with my brothers and sister we had so many laughs but after about 2-3 months my mum took my dad back i didnt even knew my mum took him back till i woke up one morning wit my dad walking to the bathroom just in his underwear.


then all the arguments started and i felt so down so me and my sister rang my cousin and she said she would let u stay there for a couple off weeks at this time i had to grow up so quick because my cousin used us to look after her children so her and her husband could go on the pc and ignore the children.

I went home and started arguements because my cousin filled my head with alot off rubish about my parents that i went home and argued.One thing i never told my mum and dad about for over 2 yrs that her husband was trying to sexually abuse me and when i told my mum she tried talking to my cousin but he said richard wouldnt do that and if he did gabby deserved it.

I only went to their house because my little cousins was getting abused alot and ignored but now i dont go round no more my mum said it is wrong and that if i said some thing sooner i wouldnt off gone there no more.


as i became 15 my mum and dad was having more and more arguements and in july 2008 my mum and dad spilt up and still to this day my dad is trying to get in contact with my and my brothers and my twin sister i just wish i knew what to do my mum told me if i ring my dad or see him she will take my mobile off me so i will leave my dad alone




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