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      Lost true love


I met a guy in 2004,at the time i was lonely and had no boyfriend,he asked me out and i fell in love instantly.We dated and he meant the world to me,until the day he asked me for sex.I told him i had no interest but he insisted so i made an excuse that i was a virgin and did not want ti have sex yet.He seemed to understand at the time but he was observing if i were truly a virgin.eventually he forced himself on me one day and found out that i was not a virgin,he got angry kicked and punched me and locked me in his room.I allowed what he was doing because i loved him.Eventually he left me,today he has a son and a girlfriend and they are very happy together,i am still very hurt and wish we were still together.I know he abused me but i still love him,recently we met and i told him that i still loved him ,he told me to look for another man that will love me the way he did and he would come back to me but he had to concentrate on his family.



I find it difficult to love another man, i can not move on with my life,though it was 4yrs ago i still love him.I am heart broken.


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