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      My bestfriends


I have a childhood best friend .. his name is ace, at the age  of 10 he begun to ignore me, keeping his distance from me so i did the same. After 5 years our path crossed again and we start a new relatonship as friends .. months after he confess his feelings for me and the reason why he keep his distance when we were 10 because he don't want to ruin our friendship, his courting me up to now .. i have a best friend a girl she's mia they started to communicate through text and mia known a lot from him I was jealous because he never told me about his plan for college ..

As months pass i grew more jealous with them because I can see that mia has special feeling for ace and he is happy to be with mia than to be with me, they were sweet also but ace always saying that I am his only love..

I got mad when he wanted to get christa's number and ask me to change our sim card to globe because his auntie is angry with him because he's a sun user.. christa is a globe user so I conclude that he wanted to be a globe user to to have a communication with that girl, well the truth is she got an angel voice that when you hear it you might fall for her and she's pretty too.

Now I still doubt at him if he really love me, to be honest I'm no that pretty and i act like boyish. Me and Mia start to have a gap because of Ace but he didn't know that I think Mia want me to choose between them..

I don't really know what to do because ace is flirting with other girls but i love him since we were a child and i don't want to lose him .. but he always keep destroying my trust to him but of course he didn't know that ..

And now i have decided to dump him even though it really hurts like hell..

i saw him walking with a girl happy, holding each others hand..


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