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I met my husband who is currently in prison for at least 3 years from now, 8 years ago. We were both addicts and used together until 2 years ago, when I got clean. He wasn't ready to get off the drugs yet, and 8 months ago he finally got caught dealing drugs. I had 3 sons before him and now we have 2 of our own. He was only 16 when we met and I was 21.

I believe I am co-dependant and I think he is too. I almost got a divorce this year and chickened out, so I am supposed to wait for him until he gets out. We have both had affairs on each other, I am still not over the last one, he was with my 15 year old cousin. I don't know how we will ever make it considering the circumstances with my family and I really don't get along with his either ( they are alcoholic... BAD) .

However I want this marriage to last and I want him to realize that me and the kids are his family now?

If there is any advice please let me know your thoughts!


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