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      My Bestfriends and my Boyfriend.


Okay. So this is a story of how I met Mr. Right and at the same time, lost one of my best friends.

It all started last summer when my best friend, Marie (not her real name) kept on calling me, telling me about her new boyfriend which was just her neighbor. Everyday, she kept on calling me not missing even a single detail about what they did for that day. As a best friend, I listened to everything she had to say. At the same time, I also had a new boyfriend and told her everything about us too. Anyway, the time came when my Marie and Mike (not his real name) broke up. Of course, Marie kept on calling and calling telling me how upset she was. And I was there for her all the way. Then, a few days after their break-up, she told me that she had another boyfriend. His name was Lawrence (not his real name). Marie loved Lawrence. But Lawrence didn't feel the same way. He just asked Marie out for fun but she believed him. I tried to tell Marie about this but she hesitated and defended Lawrence all the way. So I respected her decision. Eventually, Marie caught Lawrence flirting with Teena, (not her real name) our other best friend. Stupidly, Lawrence and Teena started dating leaving Marie jealous. Although she didn't tell us that she was jealous, as her best friend for 5 years now, I know what's on her mind. Marie kept on backbiting Teena ever since but that didn't stop Teena from dating Lawrence. Little did Teena know, Lawrence was also dating her for fun. Just like what he did to Marie. Days later, Lawrence broke up with Teena. Sad, huh? Stupid thing is, 2 days after they broke up, Lawrence asked me out! Of course, I said no since he already dated my best friends. But he didn't lose hope on me. I told him I didn't want to be with him because he was a playboy and a liar and everything. But he promised that he would change. I thought about giving him a chance but I cleared things out with Marie and Teena first. It was okay for Teena but Marie didnt like it one bit. So I didn't say yes to Lawrence since Marie didn't want me to. But Lawrence said that he really wanted to be with me and that I was different compared to my best friends. So he talked to Marie and told her that he wanted to ask me out. Marie said yes so I also said yes. Not that fast, of course. He waited for 2 weeks or so. But then, after 5 wonderful days with Lawrence, I found out that Marie has been back biting me and telling everyone false stories about me. She specifically told everyone that I stole Lawrence away from her. WHICH WAS NOT TRUE AT ALL. So, I confronted Marie. I told her how I was so upset with her considering that she was my best friend. AND I BROKE UP WITH LAWRENCE. For Marie.

Yup,I sacrificed the guy I really liked and probobly

even loved for my best friend.





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