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      I backstabbed a friend for love


My name is Angie,this is my love story of how i backstabb a friend for a love,It all started when my ex best friend transferred school's we had separated from each other ever since,we would talk sometimes, she started to tell me about her Boyfriend Robert they ended up breaking up for a dumb reason. i had request this guy Robert over myspace to ask him the reason why they broke up.i actually started getting along with this guy,after a month he told me he started to like me ,I would always deny him for the fact that Janet was my old good friend.Then he started to tell me about his messed up i noticed is worth to start liking him because,Janet would talk bad behind my back and backstabb me, i didn't do it for payback i did it because i actually started liking Robert alot so i had said yes to him we met in person and we started to love each other alot,after some roomer's started to spread out that said i was cheating on him with my best friend Darwin witch was not true but he believed them and i understand why...he has been cheated on more than alot so he stopped talking to me and on valentines day i called him and told him "happy valentines day babe" but he sounded mad and told me he was gonna call me later he never called me back so i hacked into his page that same day and saw some message that said he was gonna break up with me so i called him and asked him if it was true he said it wasn't true so i believed him things started to change so after 3 days later he had got together with this girl named sheila i got so mad that i requested this girl and told her that he was just hurt and is going out with her to forget me she ended up breaking up with him.i wanted to move on so i started to go out with this guy Alonso but i never loved him i just liked him but i eventually broke up with him so i tried to apologize to Robert but he wouldn't forgive me he started going out with this girl Araceli i noticed he really liked her so i backed of then when they broke up i tried to get back at him but he wouldn't forgive me so the only way i found was to tell my friend to call him and me on the other line and present me as her cousin Nora,the whole Nora thing worked out good because he was gonna cut himself but Nora(me) would help him out,we started a friendship that lead to love, but it could never be because i was Angie his Ex not the real Nora.So i had to find a way to tell him it has been me all the i called him at 1 in the morning he answered and i told him i really needed to talk to him he asked me what was wrong i told him that i loved him and i don't deserve him because i played with his feelings and hope he finds someone that deserves his love and respects him at all time and never lie to him..and to have a great relationship with someone new...he didn't understand me because i didn't tell him it's been me i had to tell him in i told him to meet me up at this place so i went and told him the truth... he just looked down with a sad face and walked away,and after all this 6 months i still love him..and i won't interfear in his life no more cause i noticed i don't deserve him his such a great guy with great even if you had fight with a friend...and if they call them self's "best friends" then they will understand and respect your decisions...and remember if you truly love than certain person let them be happy and if it's not with you,let them be happy with the person that makes him/her smile and loves them with there heart.


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