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      True love always waits


I met Bill through my sister. We all went to a self help group together. The first time I walked into the room, I saw him. I thought "what a gorgeous guy!"

I was about three months pregnant with my daughter and already involved in a committed relationship with a guy who was abusive, a heavy drinker and didn't appreciate me at all. The three of us hung out a lot and considered ourselves great friends.

After the birth of my daughter, we were still very good friends. We'd meet for breakfast or lunch and laugh and joke around. We also supported each other through the hard times. I'd always be at my sisters house crying because of something my partner did to me or having to deal with post partum depression. My abusive partner held a job as a taxi driver. He made his money and would head right for the bar and wouldn't come home until the next morning. Bill would visit and we'd drink coffee and talk till 2 in the morning, then he'd go home. He was a great friend to me. And he treated me very well. I could always count on him to make me laugh, wonder about the world. We could talk about anything and everything.

Money was a problem for me and my daughter. We never had enough. My partner said he didn't want the baby in the first place, so I had to take responsibility to care for her. He told me if I need diapers, formula or something to ask my sister or my parents for money. He said "I worked hard for this, I've earned it. You need money? Go on welfare!" I thought about it and decided to take it one step further. I got a job. I packed up mine and my daughter's things and moved 45km away to the big city and worked. My partner would show up every now and then and drink his beer, have his way with me then take off again. Bill called a few times and we would chat for a little while. My partner and I would get into so many arguments that finally one day, I had enough and told him to leave us alone. I wasn't about to take him back anymore. I was sick of the abuse and neglect. So, I threw him out. We made a separation agreement.

So, I was free. I dated a few men. I had actually made a date with one guy. My sister phoned me at work and invited herself and Bill to my place for the weekend. I was very excited! The three of us haven't spent time together since I moved. I was looking forward to seeing Bill again. They took the bus. When Bill came off the! He looked so attractive! He was wearing a business suit. He had gotten a job too. So, we spent the weekend together the three of us. It was like old times. My sister had to return home after one night but Bill wanted to watch a hockey game in town and asked if he could stay another night. He offered to buy me a ticket but I still had my date to attend. Throughout the date, I kept thinking about Bill. Finally, I made my date go home and waited for Bill to come home. We went out for some food, watched a movie. We talked some more and got really close and finally we kissed.

It was one of the best kisses I have ever experienced!
in my life. It was so passionate but gentle. I was so nervous.

We dated and had a (sort of) distant relationship since we both lived an hour and a half away from each other. One day I asked him how long he was attracted to me. He told me from the first time he set eyes on me, he was in love with me. I asked him why he hadn't told me sooner and he said "You were with someone and I am a gentleman." He waited so long for me. I have always wanted a relationship with someone who really loved me and was happy to be with me. We found each other and now we are engaged to be married.


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