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      Our love story


Her and I met through an ex that I had previously dated before I met the girl of my dreams. She called me after I got off work and said so do you want to meet somewhere? I said yea sure. I met her somewhere close and she was like so show me where you live so I took her to my house. Her and I walked up to the tracks and she got up on one of the rails and was walking on it she started to stumble so i stood in front of her to keep her from falling off the tracks. She grabbed my hand and held me down by my waist, and I jumped. A few seconds later I turn to look at her and I looked straight into her eyes and she smiled at me and held me close to her like I was hers. I wanted to just walk up to her and kiss her but the only thing holding me back was me being afraid she would hit me for it. The two of us had walked down to the creek and she was throwing large rocks in the water trying to get wet and we sat down there talking about almost everything you could imagine. About an hour or so later the two of us were in the front yard kicking the soccer ball back and fourth, then her mom called and said she wanted her home so she was like do you want to go home with me and I was like I would if I could but I have to stay here tonight. She got all said. When she left to go home I need I was crushing on her and I just couldn't get her out of my mind. I'm not sure what brought her back that next day and I was hoping she would come back and she did that shocked me. That after noon when she got off work she came back down to the house and the two of us were wrestling in my back yard and throwing dead grass on each other and having so much fun. That night I had the guts to tell her how I felt about her and I told her straight up I was crushing on her and I had liked her since the first night we met. That night I asked her and she said hell yea. Her and I were together for about a month and a half then her and I broke up. A week or so later fourth of July weekend I had tried to commit suicide and I was rushed to the Deaconess Hospital and they pumped my stomach out and got the pills out of my stomach. I did that because both of our parents didn't want us seeing each other or being with each other. Two weeks after I got out she came to stay with me at my house and she typed in her note pad in her phone Ash will you take me back? I said baby I would take you back in a heart beat and i took her back.  When we were broke up I couldn't stop thinking about her I just couldn't. I missed her so much and apparently she couldn't stop thinking about me. So we got back together and now we have been together almost 3 months I am so in love with her. The weekend she came home she had gotten a promise ring put on her finger by me and now we plan to be engaged in October on the 31st. I love her with all my heart and I do believe we were meant to be she is my soul mate my everything. The two of us plan on living the rest of our lives together. I love you baby.


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