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      Why dose Cupid hate me


it seems when it comes to me and love i have no chance every time i like someone they disappear and i never see them again and it hurts knowing that every time i find the right one they just don't want me and they hate me and my dumb ways i think some times I'm between good and evil one wants me to be happy and the other wants me to be sad so i think forever and always i will be alone alone is good one time this was the first guy i have ever loved and he died from Asama in the 7th grade then the other  guy i loved he liked my cousin and he really just seen me as his little sister the new guy is really for me and i will not let him slip the day i was going to talk to him he started talking to my enemy that hurt me when she was telling me about how nice he is i felt like i haven fallen off the pedestal he stood me on and when i heard her words i felt like i lost my voice and i couldn't say anything some of the guys i like they like me back but I'm to scared to tell them how i feel but the one that liked my cousin i think i really messed  up on him i let him go you know how that works if you love them then let them go that is what i did i hate my self for that i have always had trouble with guys i have never been kissed or been asked out and that really hurts me am i to ugly or fat or do dose cupid just hate me


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