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      She was strong


My best friend told me that she doesn't really love her boyfriend. There was no spark when they first kissed, no magnet that pulled her hands not to let go when they held each other. but they are now in the third year of their relationship.

One night, she was invited in the burial of the sister of her boyfriend. She saw him entered in the house with another sexy, beautiful, seductive and fair lady. upon seeing them, her heart was turned into pieces. she did not make any reactions due to a lot of what ifs. A lil boy approached her and told her, 'ate gel, kuya mike is your boyfriend right? I saw that girl near him held his hand up to his arm and i saw the girl kissed him before.'

Why she was invited? To show her that its time for her to be dumped?

She respected the burial. she did not make any violent reactions. she stopped her tears not to fall. she felt very helpless and insecure. She felt as if she is the one who has no right to his boyfriend.

She left the place so sad and heart broken.

I asked myself, I think she is starting to love his boyfriend but is it too late for them? Is she still have the chance to get his boyfriend back?


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