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      Love is.... Hard...


Hey i am 17 and my story began in my freshman year. I had two best friends Sarah and Jane, we did everything but still had that whole girl competition going on i guess well at least Sarah did. She and I did everything together all the time. But then i met this guy Jay, we began dating and she became jealous and made things up about me so she could have them. Well apparently over spring break she told Jay that i had cheated on him and I didn't and broke it off with me. Sarah spent the whole week with me comforting me. She spent alot of time texting at my house and she wast actually texting Jay trying to hook up with him. I was crying non stop and Sarah was "it will be ok you can do better". Telling Jay the same thing, to my luck Jay came back and i was informed of Sarah's ordeals. She then told the entire school i was crazy and i lost all of my friends and was alone except for Jay. Jay then in my sophomore year became very controlling and said if i loved him i wouldn't talk to anyone and he isolated me from my family. That continued and he would dump me periodically and put me down and tell me i wasn't good enough. Now we are not together but me being trapped in love is still stuck oh and throughout our entire relationship he has been talking to Sarah... So now i attend a school where i am judged because of other people.. i have a chance to start all over again at a new school but i feel like i don't have enough courage to leave him. He hurts but yet i still love him... I am battling everyday to figure out the answers....I came here looking for help shoud i hang on to this or just stop getting hurt. I know if I am having to ask i should already know the answer but it's not like that....


Confused Love


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