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      Love me Hate me But happy :D


Well I'm about 12 years old so..

Well i had a huge crush on one guy in my class since i was 10years old.

So in the summer vacation when i was 11 i finally told him i liked him. We were really close after that almost dating,but i was too scared to ask him. When  i was pretty sure i could tell him.. My Best friend Told him i hated him. She did it because. She thought I was too much with the guy. So After that he hated me but i wasn't mad at my best friend. I was happy even though i still loved the guy.. So a year after that i told him again..

I was so sure that he liked me, but when i asked him he said that he wasn't sure if he wanted to start dating yet. I was hurt for a moment. I realised i was young and I had time. So I was happy and we have been friends ever since ;D Even though he doesn't love me like i love him. Ill wait ill try :P Maybe not win but i am happy ;3  


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