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      After All These Years


After All These Years...


Ever have that one person, who your undying love for you just can't seem to shake?  Well, Adam was mine.  In 2nd grade we met, and since then we have been the best of friends.  But what Harry says in the movie when Harry Met Sally is true, guys and girls can't be friends.  One always ends up falling in love with the other.  Unfortunately I was, the one to fall for him, and face first.


It began as an 8th grade school girl crush, and turned into a very large amount of unrequited love (on my part).  Now, senior year, that love has grown stronger, deeper, and I'm so head over heals--can't even make a joke of it anymore. 


He knows, which is hard, but the fact that he'll say "I love you" is the hardest.  And I don't know what happened one day when we were talking about religious existentialism, but he said those three subminature words, in a whole new way. 


"To what do I hold that honor for?" I asked.

"Because, you're you.  And you're amazing.  You stimulate me intellectually, and that's all I ever wanted in a woman.  And in ten years, I'm asking you to marry me, and I really hope you say yes," he said in the most vulnerable and honest voice I have ever heard him speak in.


I didn't believe it, more so, I didn't want to believe it, and after a good cry and two days without speaking to him, I asked if he was serious.  He was.  So after all these years, of feeling hopeless, and faithless, I got what I always wanted.  I can say that it's worth it.  The waiting, the "just friends" night mere of a period.  And although a lot will probably come in our way, there is one thing that makes us stronger than most, we're each others best friends, whose friendship has stood the test of time and it made it out alive.




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