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      Wrong Sent


I was in the middle of m college studies when i receive a cellphone gift from my uncle since i was in my third year and I'm doing very well in my studies since I'm running for cum laude. My family is poor so, my sister and I used to avail the unlimited text and free text.

One time my sister miss sent a text message to one of the numbers found in my phone book and it happens to be my very serious classmate in Botany and to my horror he received an I love you message.  I tried to text him that it was wrongly sent to him but too late.He was forced to respond that he loves me since he thought that it was a very brave thing for me to do.

so we have a relationship though we are not close to one another. As easy as that. Imagine!

But things doesn't get very clear to both of us.  Since it was just a wrong sent message, he didn't tell me that he like someone else and i have found it out from a friend. Well, it was my very unusual relationship that only lasted for one day.

So far, he is now one of my colleage at work and we became friends. I still didn't tell him it was a wrong sent message.



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