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      The road


I used to walk this road with the girl i love for 7 years now. I met Suzie at a bar near by our town where i was a new comer at the neighborhood. I was gonna take my order when this girl bumped on my shoulders & she smelled so bad that really sucked my nose, I knew she was gonna puke so i tried assisting her to the c.r. I went back and one of the waitress said she does that all the time, i got so curious about it so i asked more questions that she answered briefly. She said Suzie's loaded with problems she can't handle and her only way out is liquor. She was even named "drunk loner". When she got out of the c.r. i watched her move as her hair flipped, that's when i felt something inside i couldn't explain, i saw the beauty behind the drunk face.Since then when i saw her, i made it a part of my routine to go to this bar and take a drink just to see Suzie, then we became friends and the longer we became close, the deeper my feelings went. I courted her and we had a relationship and i helped her with her problems and even her drinking stopped, she says i gave back her life and that she was blessed to have me.

Everyday we always walk the road we call our own. On that same road was the start of my success with her help and the start of her new life with me. She held me so tight when we walk there, we would feel the air and forget the world. On that road is where our love bloomed and that road was a part of our lives. For years we remained strong and unbreakable but as others would say, nothing lasts forever.

She got a news where in she had breakdown and things fell apart. She couldn't control herself that she went back to being the old her, being a drunkard again in which i did everything to help her get back on her feet but she made ways to escape from me. One cold night when i went home from work i saw her in the bed with her sweet scent, but when i turned to look at her and kiss her, i heard no breathe, pills and tequila were beside her. I rushed her to the hospital but it was too late to save her.

I found a letter she placed on my cabinet and my tears started falling as i read the content, "darling im sorry to give you a wrecked life and a deep cut but i cant stand it seeing you away from life just because of my misery. Im sorry, i will always love you forever. Be happy and free for theres more to come for you and let me go. Suzie"..

I walk this road alone now, going nowhere.


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