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      Love Gone Wrong


It all started in Junior year. I had just had my heart broken by one girl. Me and one of good female friends (who also just had her heart broken) started talking cause we could relate to each other about the heartache. Well one thing led to another and we started dating. We were dating for 2 and a half years. We were inseperable. We did everything together, and was each other's first. We always talked about each other being our first and our last. We even talked about how she would run away from her abusive mother and marry me. I actually started designing a ring to give her one day. One day on my lunch break at work I get a text from her asking me to call on my break. I called her up and she seemed gloomy. I could always tell her mood just by the tone of her voice or the look in her eyes. She told me that she couldn't do this anymore and broke up with me. I was totally devastated. Luckily I work close to home so I was at home on my lunch break. I totally lost it and cried for the 1st time in I cant remember how long. After about a week I was just chatting with her sister. She told me that she actually made out with another guy before we broke up. It killed me. Still to this day the wounds have not fully healed.


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