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      My first love


I am a boy of 16 yrs. There was a pretty girl called Priscilla in which i was in the same junior high school with and we met in one high school in one classroom. She had some interest in me and she was calling me for us to talk almost everyday and i started to like her more and more.

One day, she held me and said i was her boy and i started feeling shy and got into my head. She sent me to buy a fruit drink for her and i bought it for her. I felt so good that i started to tell my friends that she was my girlfriend and that i bought fruit juice for her.

So I collected her number and the next day I found out that it was the wrong number because I tried sending her a text message saying "don't worry i always care about you" I was very hurt and disappointed, she even gave my fruit juice money back to me but i didn't take it. I felt very hurt that i lost my appetite and nearly fainted, ti realized i was in love.She came to to me and told me that should not take things serious and remove filthy things from my mind that she was just joking.

My friends helped me to express how much i feel for her she already found out that i loved her, so she told me that she doesn't love me and i knelt down and begged ans she said NO!! She introduced her boyfriend to me, i felt lonely and sad, when i went home i wept and sang songs of great memories i had with her and played love music to my hearing to remind me of the good times we had. I tried to hug her but she refused and i tried writing a letter to her that i was sorry for what i did and she should come back to me and let's be friends, she was talking to me for some time and i gave her apple and she didn't take it. She even regretted talking to me , i saw her putting her hands on certain boy's face and talking sweetly to him that made me jealous. THERE WAS A TIME I FELT ILL BECAUSE SHE IGNORED ME SINCE THE DAY THAT SHE REFUSED MY PROPOSAL BUT NOW I STILL LOVE HER AND HOPE THAT SHE TALKS TO ME AGAIN!!


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