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      We fell in love working together


Hi, I'm Elizabeth. There's been good & bad things that have happened at the nice restaurant I started working at months ago. Some of the bad things are mean customers, less than a dollar tips, old manager guy hitting on me, waiters asking me out, etc. My favorite good thing is this gorgeous Mexican guy named Rubio. Before I started working at this restaurant, he worked as a cook & a waiter. When he first introduced himself, he asked if I was new and I said yes & that my name was Elizabeth. He said he liked my name since it reminded him of queen Elizabeth.

I said that was nice and then he smiled. Looking at him, I noticed he was quite good looking. He has green eyes, long black-shiny hair, pale clear skin, well done eyebrows, skinny muscular, etc. After getting to know him a little more, I found out his favorite color is blue like me, hes part french,( and speaks it also), loves video games, surfs, often rides his family horses, etc. Another thing I always liked about Rubio was how he made me laugh a lot. As a waiter he would share his tips with me and as a cook he made my favorite food for me fresh. One day I was having trouble with the computer which sucked because my job is to take care of the bills and give the customers their change. I had to take care of credit cards too but I couldn't do anything!

Seeing how scared I was Rubio came to my rescue and managed to fix the computer. I was so happy that I quickly kissed him on the cheek. I was scared again not knowing what Rubios reaction would be. To my surprise he smiled saying," thanks, how about the other cheek." I giggled then said, "maybe later." The same day, friends invited me to go see the new batman movie The Dark Knight. Before I left work, I invited Rubio to come see the movie too since he likes super hero movies.

He gladly said yes. After watching the movie my two other friends went home. While in my car, Rubio said he was hungry. Since we were very close to my place, I let him in to get something good to eat. While we were eating delicious spaghetti and meatballs I made, I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said the last one he had, he tried to marry. He than mentioned a poem he did for her. My favorite part of some of the poem he remembered was when he said, " each eye as blue as the sky, your hair shining like gold I'd love to hold." He said this as if he were saying this to me since I was a blonde with blue eyes.

He was looking sad probably remembering this girl he loved. He then said thanks for the food and inviting him to the movies. I said that he could stay a little while longer. He said he would if he got the kiss for his other cheek. I smiled then said okay. When I kissed him I enjoyed it so as I looked into his pretty eyes he said, "can I kiss you back." I softly said yes! We then started to pretty much french kiss :)

After kissing for about two minutes, I asked him when I could see him again. He told me tomorrow after I got off. I told him I would see him later then. He kissed my forehead then said, "adios reina milla," meaning bye my queen. When he was gone I fell in my bed very happy and excited about my new boyfriend. We've been together ever since and have a better time going to work since we see each other more often. Its nice to have a boyfriend take care of you at home and at work.


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