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      Young love


When I was 15 I was so ready for a relationship, two of my best mates had already found guys and I wanted to be able to chat about the stuff they did. At this party of my friends' all the guys from our local school were invited including one of my best mates boyfriends. He was cute and I felt like as soon as I saw him we both knew we liked each other, but obviously I couldn't hurt my friend so I ignored it. Anyway a few months later they broke up and he started to phone and text lots, she said she was over it and started seeing someone else. Anyway to cut a loong story short we started seeing eachother and he totally fell for me, he would send me all the sloppiest messages like your my world, i could never live without you, all of which I found a bit too much. I basically thought I had his heart on a string and never treated him badly but felt like the one in control. Anyway before I knew where I was I had fallen head over hills in love with him and couldn't bare a day passing without speaking to him, and yet I thought the way to keep his attention was to flirt with other guys. He started to treat me really badly, firstly cheating on me, then picking fights over everything I said or did. I basically became the weak one and he walked all over me. Eventually he broke up with me and then things really got bad. He started to badmouth me to everyone, started to see one of my friends but then would still pull me and say he still loved me. One night we had too much to drink and ended up sleeping together and he spent the whole night telling me he couldn't stand me seeing other guys. Then the next week he told everyone he wished he hadn't lost his virginity to me but rather my friend.


I don't see him anymore but since there was one night when we saw each other and ended up hooking up. He had a girlfriend of 1 year at the time and he told her. He has since said she is the only girl he will ever love. Anyhow it's been way over 3 years now since we went out and I've moved on completely and actually glad for the experience.I think at some point in our lives we will all get with a guy/girl who messes us up emotionally but if we manage to come out of it and move on it makes us so much stronger.


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