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      Love of my life


I have never wanted a long relationship ,long for me is getting into the year circle, but I have a boy friend we have been in this relationship 10 months almost a year now and I absolutely love him

Okay so here is my story, I have known him since I was 5 years old, we were neighbors for the longest time most of my life actually, I never really talked to him until I started seeing him in parties and clubs and stuff but I would just casually say hello.

But way before that I always had like this little girl crush on him, when he would go the my house to see my brother I would always want to open the door for him, u know like walk to the store next to his house thinking I might just see him there and like all those stupid things, this was like when I was like 8.

Then I got older and steal had this judge crush on him even with out ever talking to him, but I got his e-mail from one of his good friends so we started talking only by e-mail and then this is were I started going out a lot more and getting more into the social part of my life, the first time I saw him in a party he was drunk as hell, but some how he remembered exactly the way I was dressed, I was impressed.

Any ways we started to be really good friends, but of course one of the friends is always in love with the other in this case I was the one in love.

One day I had a bad day at school and got kicked out, I had no choice but to find another school really fast my parents thought that the school he was in was the best for me and what I needed, so I told him so of course a really good “friend” going in to your school is pretty cool, so we were both exited.

The first day of school everybody was like “look she’s new, she’s cute too” and everyone was like hey is that your friend Luis (that’s my bf name) so all of his friends were like introduce me to her and stuff like that, and like for this weird reason he would not.

Then I started going out with this Brazilian transfer student and we were doing good and cuddle cuddle, but we had just been going out for like 2 weeks, I was so exited I finally was gonna have maybe a real relation ship that I never really had, he was like the hottest new thing in school to, so I was set to go.

One day one of my best friends dad’s died I was heartbroken, they told me at school so I was crying my eyes out like anyone would, so I walked out of class to go calm down and guess how I saw sitting down..

Luis, he saw me crying and walked up to me and asked me what had happened I told him everything and he just hugged me and made me fell love like I have never felt before, he told me he would take me and go with me to the funeral. When I told my Brazilian “boy” what had happened he didn’t even care.

But the day before all of this happened Luis had told me that he thought he liked me not just like a friend but like something more than that, but I just dint even know what to think the boy of my dreams tells me he likes me it like magic, so it might sound stupid but I started to cry when he told me this, I didn’t know what to do if my brazil transfer student or if the love of my life.

Any ways the day of the funeral I noticed that Luis was the one there with me the one that cared about me, in that instant I told him what I felt, the next day we were boyfriend girl friend, I loved it we had our little issues just like any one else but we would always just figure out how to fix it.

When we had been going out for 6 months he got confused about what he felt and what he wanted, I got sick he had stuff to deal with just like I did, he asked me for a break so we took a break 2 weeks latter we were back together we could not stand being not with each other.

We were back on track and good as always, of course we did have our little fights but we got over them, now it’s the 10th month that we have been boyfriend girlfriend and we have something wrong, I went on vacations out of the country for a month we talked by e-mail till 3 am and we were fine I got home did not see him for a week since I was home, on Monday I got into school and I saw him there I asked him what was wrong he claimed there was nothing wrong with him and I.

It’s the last day of the week and we haven’t spoken a word to each other in days, I try to but he has something he is not telling me, I’m afraid what is happening now I might not be able to fix it no matter how much I want to, I love him that’s all I know, I do have to see what is up and really try to fix it, im so sad about it he was my first everything, first real kiss (that I meant), I had my first fight with him, my first boyfriend I really cared about, my first everything.


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