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      My High School Experience



Thanks for checking it out and enjoy!

It all started freshman year when i joined a very active community service club. I attended an event hosted at a person's house i met many new people and a lot of cute girls.

I got to meet one girl that stood out to me, she was a year older and very flirtatious. She immediately caught my attention with flamboyant personality. But unfortunately the story isn't about her the story is about one of her best friends that is my age, but of course i didn't notice her as much as her exciting and flirtatious friend. Of course by the end of the night when i got home all i could think about was her. I looked her up and everything and i hoped for some contact and luckily i did that night i was so stoked!

the very next day i saw her and her best friends at the mall while i was leaving.

After a couple of days i started to hang out with her and her friends since i was a freshman and their friends consisted of many boys and girls (sophomores and some freshmen)It was an awesome time. But things started to cool down and we weren't as interested in each other. I did start talking to her friend the girl that was my age and my interest immediately turned to her. Why not she was my age, cute, calmer and nicer than her friend.

And this is where the real story starts.

We talked often online and she left me comments that made me absolutely stoked for her. But i was also in competition from older guys, Seniors that they got to go out with.

They met the girls before i did and they had an advantage they were older and they could drive.

Winter break came and when i met her again at a Club event during winter break she seemed to have changed. She wasn't as calm and nice. She was more explosive, flamboyant, flirtatious and bitchy. But i couldn't get out i was already caught. I liked her a lot and i urged to see her all the time. I went to club events just because i wanted to see her and i liked going to school more often. I just couldn't get her out of my head.

We got in trouble together often. I walked her to her classes even if it meant for me being late you know all the lame things people do in underclassmen high school

She always seemed to be talking to older guys and i mean talking with a interest and every time i would just wait in the sidelines and i every time she would stop talking to a guy i would be ready to step up off the bench and into play.

the real problems started when i started to admit it to some of my close buddies and they supported me and i finally started to get hurt when she would go for older guys.

The problem came when she told me she was interested in a Senior and they started to go out. I was totally fucked. he could drive and his senior friends totally had control over them. They eventually became a couple.

[Sophomore year]

We still hung out and stayed in touch over the summer. But after a while she started to ditch me and i was totally behind and i just started to lose interest. We were already distanced and so was i with all her friends.

I stayed active in the club that started it all. Partially because i hoped the club would spark back all the fun i had in freshman year. Of course they stopped being active in it.

unfortunately it was an pointless crusade i ended up trapping myself in work for the club while barely having any fun.

By the end of sophomore year I absolutely hated it.

I had no real friends, I started slacking and it seemed my life was a failure already. Summer came and went and all i did was stay home and play games.

[Junior Year]

Junior Year started and i decided to make a change. I stopped talking to all those people i used to hang out with just because i was angry at them for ditching me and i was partially angry at myself for being unable to have the fun they did and not be included. I decided to make some more friends in my class. I did i made a couple good buddies, we had fun and what not. I dated a couple of girls and supposedly broke some hearts. It seemed life was starting to get back on track. I slacked off a lot junior year and it was just me starting to have more fun.

Then near the end of the school year she started to show back up in my life again. She had every class with one of my close buddies i hung out with and i could obviously tell he was interested in her but she was still with her boyfriend.

She told my friend that she was thinking of asking me to senior prom and also stated that she thought i was cute. He was totally jealous and started to dislike me. I eventually found out, i was flattered and he found out i knew. He didn't want to admit it but i knew he was jealous and he started to 2nd guess me and point out the things that were wrong with me. It really should have been a situation where its "bros before hoes". In that sense

School was near ending and a big exam was coming up so i decided to plan a study group including my friends. She was also invited and i didn't think it would cause some troubles but it did. At his house she decided to ask me if i would go to prom with her next year if she asked and i was just like "uhhh well see what happens next year its too early to decide" the whole night was awkward after. me and my close friends were texting each other obviously talking about what i should do. She knew and tried taking my phone from me and my friend that liked her wanted to know too, he was getting angry and you could tell he was awkward about the fact she asked me.

She started to hang out with us a little bit more due to the fact all of her best friends were graduating because they were all older than her. She hung out with us on a field trip and she talked to us more. She started to state that we used to have a fling during freshman year. I was flattered but i was over her already. That year i found out she was a tease to a lot of guys just seeing all the things she would do. She was still going on more than 2 years with her boyfriend.

Summer Came and she totally cut herself off from us and hung out with her now graduated friends. We all knew and decided to totally forget about her. She seemed so two faced. So again she was out of my life during the summer.

Our group grew into about 7 guys hanging out all the time i know a real cock fest. But my friend that used to like her started to become a real asshole especially me and he started getting cut out of the group because of his attitude and how he could totally kill the fun. everyone knew he was being a real asshole to me and everyone said that it was because of her.

I wasn't really going for any girls and my friends started to have success with some even though i hated their methods. Summer neared ending and i was still single and some of my friends started hooking up.

We had to go back to school to drop off some papers and get a lot of stuff(textbooks, schedules) we were finally Seniors! We saw our now distanced friend and it was very awkward with him. We also saw her and we talked to her and after 4 of us went to my house me and 2 of my buddies and her.We all talked for and my friend asked a lot of personal questions and it seemed she wasn't sure of her future with her boyfriend even though they were a solid couple. After a while we were all chilling in my room and on my bed. i was laying down and she decided to lay her head on my stomach. Of course it weirded me out a little bit but it was nice. My mom walked into my room and saw her laying on me i knew that night i was gonna get a few questions from her.

Her laying on me reminded me of how it would be so nice to have an actual girl that liked me doing that.

Don't get any wrong ideas i don't like her anymore and i don't hope to have a chance with her. Now i have moved on but it did make me hate being single now.

I had a dream that night about relationships and girls but it wasn't about her and she wasn't in them.

the next day i couldn't stop but hate the fact that i was online all the time but had no girls to talk to. It was a total change from freshman year when i had a lot of girls to talk to and the great fun with girls i had. I wanted to bask in my depression that i have generated that night from being sick of the single life. So i decided to search for love stories and i found this website and decided to share some of myself actually a lot of myself.

and this is where the story stops so far

ill post a part 2 at the end of my high school experience

thanks for reading


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