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      Forbidden Love


It all started when we went on a family holiday to Greece when I was 10 years old. We stayed with friends and I remember they had a son who I got along with very well. I just thought of him as a really close friend, but what I didn't know was that even then this guy liked me. We would play together everyday and got along so well.

After a month in Greece we went back to England and being a child, I quickly got back into my school routines and although I never forgot him, I didn't think about him constantly either.

Three years later, my sister went on holiday to Greece and while there, he told her that me loved me and hoped that when we were older we would get married. He had loved me since that first time we met back when we were ten years old and had never stopped loving me. When my sister came back she did tell me this, but a few weeks later my grandfather passed away and so once again, he was the last thing on my mind.

Last summer we went to Greece again as a family and this time he told me how he felt. We shared moments together and I fell deeply in love with him, but when our parents found out they took us away from each other and forbade us from talking to each other. Back in England we spoke on the phone as much as we possibly could, but soon enough his father found out and took his phone away too. Then, the unthinkable happened...

My parents had realised that we loved each other very much and wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, and so as soon as I turned 16, they married me off to a guy eleven years older than me in the hope that I would forget him.

The thing is, we cannot ever forget each other and we love each other so much that it kills us to be apart. I think about him every night and I keep to the pact we made in Greece, which was to look at the moon every night and say 'Good night' because it will be the same moon we are looking at.

I know that we can't live without each other and no matter what, I will always love him. Hopefully, when we meet again we can convince our parents that our relationship is real and that we cannot live without each other, or we may just give our lives for each other.

If he's reading this, I know he will know that it is our story, even though I haven't put down our names. I want to say that I love him, and I know he loves me, and also that I never chose to get married myself and that I was forced into it. I hope you can forgive me for hurting you and still love me. xxx


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