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      Love keeps my life intersting


Well... it all started in New Zealand, i went there to learn english.

I had just finished my apprenticeship and got off duty from the army... a young man couldnt feel any more free, like i did back then.

It was summer... i think it was the most amazing summer i have ever had.

Maybe it was because i was overseas for the first time, far away from home, free, all on my own.

Or maybe it was because of her, what a wonderful girl, my first big Love.

We spent all our freetime together, she was from the same country as i was, and i loved everything about her. You know how this is, its just wonderful.

After 2 Month, she took this farmstay program, and i had to stay at the english school. But whenever i could i would take my friends car and drive all the way up north, all excited and nervous to see her again. We went horseriding, hiking, walks during full moon. But the time wasnt on our side, her farmstay was over in no time, and she traveled with a friend of hers around New Zealand.

It was heavy, we used to phone from time to time.

And i remember one particular phone call... i knew something was wrong the moment i heard her voice... she confessed to me that she had something going with someone she recently met on her travels.

That was heavy, it was a huge thing for me... i was terribly hurt.

All you need to know right now, is that i forgave her. And as soon we were together again... everything was good.

After 4 month she had to go back to switzerland again... and i was travelling around NZ by then. but i missed her so much... i couldnt handle it, being all on my own out there.

The flight back was booked in no time. And guess who was waiting for me at the airport back home... yea of course my beautiful Love.

We lived a weekend relationship for 2 years. That was because our homes werent close enough to meet during the week.

Then we decided to go on a trip to australia for four month, and while we were down there it would be awesome to go and see New Zealand for another 2 Month... for all i know, it was one of the best travel experiences i ever had. We rarely argued, or were different opinnions... i always thought conversation was the key of our good relationship. I mean maybe it was.

We went to the city we first met ... memories

when we got back home we were sick of having a weekend relationship, after half a year travelling and always together, we couldnt imagine anything else.

And after 3 years she decided to get a job near my place and we took an appartment together. She worked as a florist and i was working in the theater.

For a year everything was perfect... till she confessed to me that she has been seeing another man and she fell in love with him.

We broke up... and i was only half a man for a long time.

Worst of all, over a year we kept our friendship... and i was all right with it. I felt she was unhappy in her new relationship, and always hoped for her to come back.

A year later my dream came true. Somehow everthing was good. Like the good old times.

She got a new place, and sometimes i was at hers or she was at mine. I loved it.

We made future plans, alot of them. And after a while i moved with her to her hometown. For Swiss Standards that was far away, from my hometown.

We rented a lovely house and i took a new job... was heavy everthing was new for me. Job, home and all.

And i was very happy... i saw a future with her, and so did she. We even were talking about getting children.

Just a month later came the next unexpected confession from her.

Apparently she fell in love with some guy she used to live together for a while. I didnt understand the world anymore. She moved out, and i needed to find a new place, cause i couldnt afford the one we had together, alone anymore.

I wanted to go away far away, i remebered a long forgotten dream.

I always wanted to go working somewhere abroad.

So i did what i had to do, i searched for a job all around the world.

During that time i lived at the place of a very good friend of mine.

A month before my flight was going to Canada, where my new job was, i met this girl... i fell for her. but i learned i couldnt cancel my plans anymore for some girl.

So i had a nice month with Manuela... and i promised her to see her when i get back 1 year later.

She told me that she would come and visit me sometimes.

Here i am now, in Canada... all on my own, last time i was so far away from home, i was with my biggest love Sarah.

And now everything here reminds me of her and i wanna share all the beautiful things i experiencing with her.

Now Manuela is coming over for one and a half month and i dont have any feelings towards her anymore. Actually i have more contact to Sarah than to Manuela.

And now worst of all, i met this girl at starbucks, and i like her somehow.

We talked alittle... i think she likes me, and now i dont have the guts to ask her out.

With manuela coming over i cant really try and connect with the lovely Starbucks girl.

And with Sarah in my head all the time... as a very good friend to whom i can talk about everything. I dont know what to do... sometimes i catch myself thinking that i am happy to die now and not regretting a thing... its actually a weird feeling.


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