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      True love never dies


it all stated when i was 15 and i was a sophmore in high school, she was a freshman at the same school. she was kinda dating my best friend (but it was there 6th time dating and it was never serious, and i was talking to her friend. after a couple of weeks me and her friend didnt work out and she found out about it. so she had her friend call me; little did i know that they were 3-wwaying me; but her friend told me that she liked me alot and thinks about me and wants 2 be with me. so i like her toso we decided to go on a date. we went to go see "Coach Carter on a Friday night. we were watching the movie and i couldnt tell if she was into me or not so after she tried to make a joke ( it was stupid but i still thought it was funny) i leaned in like i was going 2 give her a kiss and just blew on her lips, and after that happened i knew she wanted that kiss. so the next day she came to my house and we were sitting on my couch kinda cuddling watching the karate kid and it was snowing outside it was January 16th 2005. she made a joke about us not dating so then i asked her to be my girlfriend and we had our first real kiss (and there hasnt been 1 then has come close to being as good as it ever). then we were dating and we hung out everyday. my parents loved her and her parents liked me. then valentinesday come along and i mad her dinner (i made spagetti) and i gave her her present it was a silver bracelet that said love all over it. then things were even better after that. we would hang out all day after school then when we were home wwe would talk on the phone until late in the night. we would play hang man like every night and just have a blast on the phone. we would wake eachother up in the morning and meet up at school right b4 class and inbetween every class.

then her birthday came along in April. i had been working so hard for the past 2 weeks on her present. it was a ABC scrap book of us. i thought of something that had 2 do with us for every letter (except Z but i said that i couldnt think of nething but we still had our whole lives to find sumthing)

then my birthday came along in june and made me a picture album of us.

things were perfect between us she slept with me bed sheets and i had hers. she had my teddy and i had hers.

then we went camping 2gether with her family and it was great.

then i got my license and we were together all the time and things were even better than they were b4.

then things were great and we made it 2 our 1 year mark. i bought her a promise ring.

then later on down the road things started getting rough between us we would argue alot about stupid things (most of them were my fault) but one day we got into an argument and she threw the promise ring back at my face and i broke it.

we pulled it back together and prom was right around the corner. i didnt want 2 go but i went bc she wanted me 2 go so i went and got a tux and everything. and we went 2 prom that night and i could tell that sumthing was weird and after we left prom i was at my friends house bout to go get drunk then she calls me out of nowhere and tells me that she found some1 else and doesnt want to be with me nemore. so i was pissed and i left and went home and the nex day i was mopping around all day. and she then said that she missed me and wanted to see me so i went to gantz park and met up with her and we both cried and she told me everything and i accepted it. then we started hanging out again and and thngs were good. she told the other guy that she wanted to be with me and she loved me. then right after school was over that year i had to go back to Georgia to visit my family and when i get ther she stated hanging out with him again. then i was miserable the whole time i was there and when i got back she was hanging out with him at her house and they were swimming 2gether and she came up to me and tried to hug me and then me and the other guy talked about that stuff and we solved our problems. but then things were good and we went to the zoo on my birthday and then the next month in July we went to florida together for a whole week for vacation and it was PERFECT. but when we got back she started to stear away and then we started to both stear away. then she went to tennessee and she was talking and haing a blast with sum other guy there and when school started a few weeks after that i found out that she was still talking to him and she said that she missed him. but then we broke up that day and we only hungout a few times after that and then i got into trouble and i couldnt see her fr a while and she moved on and started dating some other guy. then we both moved on (but atleast i tried) i was dating a new girl and was dating her for about 8 months and after i graduated then it was the next August and out of nowhere she called me 1 night. and we hung out more and more and her current relationship was not going good. but then she kept jumping back and forth between me and her other guy. but then 3 weeks b4 i went 2 basic traing for the Air Force she picked hime for good and she then got pregnate. i then went to boot camp and i thought about her everyday and even dreamt about her. ( and its bad enough when u dream of home at basic traing but when its about ur love that u cant have' it really sux) but i graduated basic traing and then went to my tech school and i actually could use a cell phone. and i tried to call her and she then called me back and said that if i called her or tried to contact her again she would get a restraing order on me. so i was torn up about it. but i then graduated tech. school with honors and went home on leave for a month and didnt see or talk to her at all.

No im stationed in Germany for the next 2 years and not 2 long ago i found out that her baby didnt make it, and when i found out, all of the feelings that i had tried to block out all came back and i realized just how much i missed her. i tried to call her and my friend tried to call her but she didnt have the same phone #. but not to long ago she contacted me on myspace and said that she misses me and still loves me. and i messaged her back one night and then i stayed up until 4 in the morning messaging back and forth with her. then the next day i called her and we talked for a few hours and she said that everything she said was true. and she said that she misses me and she thinks that we are ment to be. she said that she will pay to fly here and come see me. even if it is just closure atleast it will make things better and i can try 2 move on.

but even though she tells me all this i am still heartbroken and i dream about her almost everynight and think about her everyday. but im stil torn up about it.

i just want her to be happy even if its with some other buy but me. thats all i care about; her being happy and lving a good life. if she wanted i would never talk 2 her again if it made her happy. and i know that life is not a fairy tale.... but...

i would give anything and everything just 2 spend 1 more minute with her


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