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      Still in love.. it's not the end.


i'm a sophomore student..


i'm so inlove with my NEW classmate.. we've only met for 2 months..

well.. at first.. i just thought he'd be a normal guy.. as my friend.

first month.. we never really talked to each other.. were not CLOSE..

then.. one day i found out that he has a crush on me...

it was so hard to beleive because he's way too COOL for sum1 like me.

i'm just ordinary and he rocks!!


as days pass by.. litle by litle.. i developed my feelings to him too!!

it started when his friends and my friends were together.. we were going around the campus.. we stopped by the music room.. and He played the DRUMS! he was so COOL!! the next thing i know i was soo inlove with him!


he's so PERFECT!

 he does'nt say bad words. cute! god fearing! smart! and totally a rock star!!

but he never had a girlfriend before.. and i dont think he will.. cuz he's still young..


my friends and his friends got close..

.. he talks to me often.. only when he's asking for assignments.. etc..

as if i don't exist! but he told my friends that he dosn't talk to me bcoz he's shy bcoz he has a crush on me..



everyday i see him.. and i feel so INVISIBLE! our eyes meet a lot.. but no words. he's so shy to talk to me.. and we really don't have a topic..


the sad part is.. i think i fell inlove with him deeply.. and he only sees me as a CRUSH..


=( pls help me!!



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