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      The love of my life


In the 7th grade i moved for the 4th time to a new school because of my moms work. the first week there i had made so many friends and that's when i met a guy and we automatically fell for each other. i had never had a serious relationship with a guy before and this was all so new.

he was like all the men that i read about in my books..gorgeous..loyal...sweet..and romantic. he was one of the most liked guys in school and i know plenty of girls that would do anything to be with him. but he choose me. he lived 3 doors down and we saw each other everyday.

Within a few months i had established my best friends and new everyone pretty well. me and him had became so very close. He would come to my house and we would always watch the same movie. say anything. it would never get old. i remember in the love scenes we would recite the lines. But our favorite scene was when they broke up the main guy in the movie stood outside her door and held a radio above his head and blasted the song in your eyes out of it. That was me and hims song. We would hear it come on the radio on a rare occasion and we would rush to each others houses just to let them know.

at the beginning of the 8th grade we had been together for 8 months when i felt like something was wrong. we would see each other at school and he would pretend that he didn't see me and walk away. i knew that something was wrong. and at four o clock everyday when he was supposed to come over like usual he made a lame excuse of why he couldn't. i was scared out of my mind and i tried to make myself believe+ that it was nothing. I tried to confront him about it but he would just get frustrated or angry about it.

It went on like that for 2 months and over time it got worse and worse he would ignore my calls and talk about me to his friends. So i went over to his house and said that we needed to talk. i tried to figure out what was going on but he kept saying that i was being paranoid and over dramatic. i persisted that i wasn't. he wouldn't listen so i got up and on my way out i said that i couldn't do this anymore. he immedietly got up and grabbed my arm a little to tightly. his face turned white and the look in his eyes scared me a little. i had never seen that side of him before. i knew that i had to get out of there because every sences in my body were screaming at me that i was in some sort of danger. i calmly told him to let go of me. he swung me away from the door and made me fall to the floor. he locked the door and told me that i couldn't do this to him and without him i would be nothing. that he made me.

i was shocked never had he ever talking to me like that. i got up and he advanced towards me and i told him to let me go. and he said not unless i apologized and took back what i said. he had a wild look in his eye and kneed him and quickly ran out the door and didn't stop running until i was inside my house.

i was suprised how easy it was for me not to care about him anymore. i went from loving him to fearing him to hating him in a matter of months. i think what helped me was that i knew that i was too good to be ever treated like that. but he didn't take it as well.

He was devestated and everyone could see that. I remember one night i woke up to the sound of our song and it was him in our back yard with a radio over his head blaring in your eyes. But never once did i think about going back to him.

Its been a month since i have talked to him and he still often tries to get back with me but i know that i will never be able to


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