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      Still believing


i met this guy (simon)on my previous work,it was december of 2006,i hate him so much, i hate him that even his voice bothers me..were on the same team though...during that time i was head over heels in love with someone else but that certain guy just looked at me like i was a trash...


now simon starts having a feelings on me,starts giving me letters,i still hate him that time. when september of 2007 came i resigned from my work. he then texted how important i am to his life and now that im gone from work he dont know how to go on...i was touched by what he said to me,but for me his not my type of guy..he is already married and has a baby girl. i dont want to ruin some elses family...


after 1 week me and my former officemates met and have some drinks..simon was there,and we got drunk something happened between us that night..the following week we met again and we did it again but this time i felt something bout him...i told this to my bestfriend and tell her that it will only be for 2mos.i have no plans of having serious relationship to married man...


from the time that simon and I become a couple every week were facing different one from my family and friends like him so as his friends..they say were not serious on this relationship, but we proved them turns out that i fall so in love with him and he to me...were battling problems together no matter how easy or hard it is...sometimes it came to a point a was about to give up but since i love him i fought for him


after several months we had another problem,one day as i checked his friendster i saw a different pictures..its a picture of him with another girl..i talked to him bout this and asked for a break up..he told me he cant live without me and he really loves me..hes just confused and needs time..but he promised that we will worked things out...i trust and believe him so i gave what he asked for...but he never calls me,he never answers my text messages and emails..their pictures are still there...i have no idea of whats really going on between us...


its been a month since the last time we talked,its been a month and i still believe were going to work this out..we had problems like this before,some were worst than this..though everyone else told me that i dont deserved him but i never thought of that..i love him and i believe that he still loves me... that someday we will be may stupid but i love him and its enough for me to believe that we will be together again..honey i love you so much..weve proved a lot to those who didnt believe us..lets prove them again...we sacrificed so much...please dont give up..simon atkins i love you


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