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      Dearest Ryan


All people have darker sides. Where their fears reside. It is in that place that resistance to true love exists. If we do not accept this and try to learn from it we can only cause each other pain and sorrow.

I can only speak for myself, I have no words to apologize for my weakness and my fear. It is things such as these that can surely ruin this deep relationship we shared. I ask only that you consider this, In fact we were brought together to heal. Maybe Love demands that we recognize that there are things in each of us that will trigger the frightened and unhealed parts of our lives. The deeper the Love, it seems, the deeper the hurts of the past are brought out.

But we can see this relationship differently. Through the grace of God, it can be the healing and loving environment that people seek their whole lifetime to find. With that commitment I will always work to Love you and myself better, and give all that I have to do the same for you.

There is no one above you. I have nothing of value without you to share it with. Thank you for the gift that you are, and I will surely hold that in my heart. I will never stop trying to listen to your heart with mine, even as I know I have hurt you by my failing to learn this lesson sooner.

I just need for you to know that I am always trying. Trying to be a better man, a better companion, and a worthy gift to give to you for all of our days.

Forgiveness and compassion. For both of us. Gods gift.


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