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      The Story of my Past Love


     My name is Kim, and I am a 13 year old girl from PA.  This story is just something I would like to get written down somewhere for someone, anyone, to read and maybe learn from.  It is now the end of summer, and these events took place during the end of my 7th grade year and beginning of this summer.


     A month or two before the end of school I started to become close with a group of 8th graders.  I would meet up with them sometimes during the day and we'd just talk and hang out.  A couple weeks before the end of school I started going out with my friend, Nick.  He was a year younger then me, and since he was cheating on me, we didn't last long.  Every Saturday I would go to the roller skating rink with a bunch of my friends for the Sock Hop.  Nick went there, and so did one of the 8th graders I had become sort of close with, Alex.  After I dumped Nick I started going out with another kid, who was 2 or 3 years older then me.  Towards the end of that relationship I started having feelings for Alex, so eventually I broke up with my boyfriend.  I found out that Alex liked me too, so we started going out. 


     Now I know this is bad, and I really regret it, but I cheated on Alex twice.  The first time was when I went to this kid I kinda knew's house.  We were hanging out for a bit when he started trying to 'do things'.  Some stuff happened and I felt horrible so I went home and we haven't talked since then.  The next time I cheated on Alex was at the community pool.  I was hanging out with some of my friends and I met this guy, who was 16 but looked like 18.  We started to talk about skateboarding and stuff, and he asked me if I wanted to take a walk around the park.  I thought we were just going to be talking and stuff so I said sure.  We ended up sitting under a pavilion, and at first we were just talking, but then he started talking about how much he wanted to kiss me and how much he wished I didn't have a boyfriend.  I started to get a bit uneasy when he asked me if he kissed me would it be counted as cheating on my side.  I thought about it for a bit, and before I could say anything he started making out with me.  At first I was to shocked to do anything, but when his hands started 'roaming' I finally pulled away and left him.


     About two weeks after me and Alex started going out we went to the Sock Hop, like always.  I had missed the one the week before, and apparently he had gotten really close to my friend, Emma.  I found out that she liked him, but she promised me she wouldn't try to steal him from me or anything.  When I got to the Sock Hop he broke up with me, and I really didn't know why.  I didn't want him to see me crying so I went into the bathroom with Emma and another one of my friends.  She told me that he liked her, and was planning on asking her out.  She promised me she wouldn't go out with him, so after I got done crying I started hanging out with my other friends so I wouldn't be with Alex.  Everything was going fine until I saw Emma and Alex making out on the other side of the rink.  I got really pissed so I went over there and pulled her off of him.  I started screaming at her and she started crying. I ended up slapping her in front of everyone and screaming at her and calling her a pussy and telling her to punch me.  She was still crying so I started to slap the shit out of her.  My friends finally pulled me away from her and I went to the other side of the rink and started crying.  On Monday at school I ended up apologizing to Emma and we became friends again.  She went out with Alex for a bit during the summer until her parents made her dump him. 


     A week or two later I started talking to Alex more and we started liking each other again.  We ended up hanging out together and some stuff happened, he apologized for breaking my heart, and promised me he would never hurt me again.  I, obviously, believed him so we started going out again.  I loved him and I thought he loved me back.  A couple days later I found out that Alex didn't love me anymore and he and Emma were talking behind my back about how much they loved each other and stuff like that.  I trusted this boy with my heart, but once again he tore it apart. 


     It took a while, but I got over him and I moved on.  Now we are still friends, and I found the perfect guy.  His name is Tyler, and we have been going out for a week or two.  I am perfectly happy with my love life now, and I have learned to never make the same mistake I made with Alex.  Thank you for reading my story :)


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