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      One way love


This is just something that i want people to know about.

Im 16 years old and im a bisexual male. But thats not why im writing this.

In the biginning of last year i met these incredible guys. At first i was only polite to them, but i made friends with them and since then have grown very close to them.

Unfortunately i fell inlove with one of them. Every night i think of an intimate moment that we once shared...but alas he was drunk when it happened and hes as straight as they get.

A while back i tried to force myself to get over him and on with my life. I cried for three days, because i know that we could never be together no matter how much i love him...its the most painful experience of my life.

Ive come to realize that no matter how hard i try, i will never get over him. I will always love him from a distance and it breaks my heart.


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