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I met him on Yahoo in October. We started to chat more and more so he asked me out. We just walked and I really liked him because he was honest and he always mad me laugh. But when we meat more and more I knew that he wanted something from me.In February we went in a park and he asked me if I want to be his girlfriend. I didn't knew what to say because he was me best friend and I didn't wanted to lose him so I sad no....

I noticed that he was a little heartbreaked but i didn't knew what to do.So.....I invited him to the same park and i said YES. Oh my God he was so happy.....

my parents didn't know about him unless they found that I went home every day late........So my mom told me that I can't be whit him if I'm doing this to her

Of course that we couldn't brake up because I loved (I still love) him very very much and he loved me to....

I hade big problems because of parents didn't bealived in me,I never went to school,i sometimes stoled money.My parents were enough of this so they decided to meat him.he camed to my place.We were togheter 5 months and after 1 month I made *** whit five months we broked up we stayd togheter.....and after we were togheter for the second time,,,he was different......his friends were always on the first place...and I get enough so i told him if his friend will be always on the first place he can look for another girl

so now we are in diffrent ways:)he hurt me last time whan i saw him...because all that matters was his feelings he was so sellfish what i felt ....yeah write it never matters really......i love him from all my heart i would die for him...but i will never be whit him again even my heart will brake in 100 pieces!!!!!!


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