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      Torn between 2 guys


i have a boyfriend for 2 years. in our 1st year our relationship ran smoothly but my boyfriend has the attitude that i really hate. he is a jealous person, nagger, he didn't trust me, every time I'm in the school i need to text him what I'm doing, who are the person I am with. Last summer i got close to a guy( i call him my drugs), he was my classmate. at first, I don't like that guy because he's not a serious type, he is a joker person. But when we started hang out, eat together with my classmates. my first impression to him change. he is a perfect gentleman, every time we eat he was the one who put food in my plate. i fell in love with him(my drugs) he didn't know. the time came we talked about our love life together with our friends, he said he have a girlfriend but he didn't know if the girl still considered him as a boyfriend because for a long time they didn't see each other and every time he texted the girl it would'nt reply. i got hurt.

me and my bf are not in good condition because we started yelling each other, every time we meet, we always ended up quarreling.

i know its wrong but i cannot stop it. but when my brain started to work, i know i have a boyfriend i felt that i cheated on him eventhough i was not. so i decided to stop going out with him (my drugs).

for 2 weeks i tried my best not to talk to him (my drugs). best on this experience "you cannot really teach your heart forget the reason why its still beating ". i really miss him, one time we saw each other at the hallway in school. he walked with me and put his hand on my shoulder. we start talking, and thats it we started hanging out together again.i did things that i didn't do like cutting classes, but its not what you think that he is a bad influence to me, i just love spending time with him. As of now, I am confused did he(my drugs) like me also?. what should i do?. who am I going to choose my boyfriend or my drugs?.


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