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      Heavens door


   One night I went to heaven...I knocked at the heavens door..God opened it and he asked me "what can I do for you,my child?"

   And then I answered him "where is Mr. Right?"

   He said "why?"

   "Because I need him"

   He said "wait!" and then he closed the door..I went back to earth and I continued my life..


   One day,I met Mike...He showed me how romantic he is.He showed me patience,trust,hope,joy and happiness.He taught me how to love and care for persons I love.That is why I thought that he is God's answer to my prayers..


   We went to church together.We went to mall together.We praise God together..We are always together..I couldn't imagine my life without him.He change my world a lot. He lifted me so that I can fly. Maybe,I will die if he will leave me.


   I feel so week when Mike didn't visit me like what he did before.I feel so lonely.I am trembling with fear..Mike was gone. He left me hanging. He left me heartbrokened.I dont know how to accept this reality. I dont know if I can live. Until one day I have realised that he was just an instrument.


   Yes - an instrument..Now I have realised that God planned something better for me..It doesn't matter if he will take everything from me.He is the one who gave it and he is the one who will take...


   One night I went to heaven again.I knocked at heaven's door. God opened it and asked me "what can I do for you,my  child?"

   "Is Mike here?" I asked

   "Yes,He is here.Are you going to ask me to give him back to you?"

   "No.I know you planned something better for me.

    Your will is greater than mine. But I am hoping that you will take good

    care of him.Love him like how you love me"

   "ALWAYS"he said.


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