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    When i was fourteen my older brother and the rest of my family left our hometown in Wisconsin to California. When we got there and when we were all settled my brother started to make new friends. i had also made new friends but most of them were guys. There was this one guy i was friends with. His name was Brian. We had a great bond and we both loved to skate on our skate boards. One day he invited me over to skate with some of his other friends that afternoon. I said yes and soon we were at the park skating. we skated for about one hour non-stop until i got tired. i went over and sat on a bench. Brian went over and sat there with me and gave me a bottle of water. we talked a bit until i started to notice how cute his eyes were and how great his hair looked. Brian started to talk about this new skating move he learned and he showed me how to do it. at first i was really bad until i got the hang of it and then on my eighth or ninth try i fell and hurt my ankle so bad. Brian took off his shirt and got some Ice out out of his ice chest and put it on my ankle. right there and then i noticed his abs. Brian  called my mom on his cell phone and soon my mom was there  rushing me to the emergency room with Brian in the front seat. while we were waiting in the waiting room Brian whispered in my ear if it hurts. i said yes and then he said it would be alright. then out of the blue he kissed me on the forehead. then he asked it it felt better and i said yes.from then on he and i dated for one year then we broke up. but i am very thankful for the incident. without that i wouldn't have met the best boyfriend ever.


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