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      My friends love me so


it was saturday night. my friend's friend and i were hanging out together. they were drinking and having much fun of taking pictures from one another. i have a friend of mine which is my classmate during elementary year, going back 1st grade to 6th grade. he approached me because he just have a very being problem with him and his girlfriend. as if they dont have enough freedom of there relationship because the girl's family didn't like him. as a friend and a concerned one, i told him to show his 100% love to his partner. i told him that it was also my experince, don't have enough freedom of seeing each other because of my family. i encourage him to love the girl with all his heart and that they should trust each other so that there love would bloom, right.?! so, as we finished about his problem and i adviced him so well to the point that he also understand of what i was trying to express. until such time he opened up to me about his past. a past which involve me so much. he was talking during our elementary year, must specially during 2nd grade. he told me that he never forget that moment. what moment.?!then i tell you the whole story.

during 1st grade, we were classmate. my classmates and friends were teasing us. then as a 1st grader i didn't even hesitate to react what they said because im still a baby at that time.hahahaha. to continue, we've been classmate during 2nd grade also. it was fiesta in our barangay when he came to our house. we were eating MAHA at that time at the same time chatting. it was a good day, yes. but not in my part beacause i just treat him as a friend but not knowing he feel something special which is i dont know. only him knows what he feel. then came the 3rd grade up to 6th grade. but same as the other grade passed, i only feel as friendly feelings. just friend. nothing else in my side.

so going back to the present, that was the moment which he remember must. i just dont know why he really try to tell me those things which was 15 years ago. it just came in my mind. he dont have a memory gap because he actual remember that time. so the time of the truth reveals. he said that for 15 years...for 15 years...he keep on repeating that so many times, 10 times i guess or more. then i just said that for 15 years he hide his feelings to me. he hide that he likes me for 15 years.?!can you imagine that.?!me.?!myself.?!i dont know.?!maybe not...maybe yes...but i dont really know if i believe him because he was drunk...but in his reveals the truth...

to continue, we talked about that. i asked him why me.?!i asked him why he hide it for 15 years, in which he had lots of tme to tell the truth. then he just simply asked me that...he was shy...he was schared.?!of what.?!i dont know either...then he ask me "pwede ba khya ma continue?" "pwede ba e balik?". then my answer is a big NO! why.?! i love my boyfriend now. im happy with him. i will so safe and warmth everytime we were together. then it seems that he was disappointed. maybe he sould be, can you just imagine for 15 years.?!then he also told me that he believe in first love never die. i dont think so... its just so funny in my part that thre is someone who is secretly in love with me.?!hahahaha...i cant believe it. but for me. he is a very nice person. lets end this up... there were still lots of things which i would like to share but it would be better if its between me and that person.

my message to the guy...if you read this know who i am...and you know the story...i will keep it in myself...continue loving her...both of us know that we cant never know how much i love my boyfriend...and i also know that you love her too...just continue loving her with all your hear...hope to see you again and talk about something...what i said is not know why i cut our communication at that time...because its time for us to sleep and both of us know that they were listening to us at that moment...God bless you...


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