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      Touble on paradise island


When I was 15 I started dating the guy of my dreams it was like something from a movie he was perfect he wrote me poems sang me songs cooked dinner for me it was great and it lasted 4 about a year and that's when promblems started it jus wasn't the same an it brooke my heart because this guy was my first everything ! We tried to make it work and that lasted for about another couple months when things got rocky again again. things were not the same we never went out any more barely seen each other and almost never siad the words I love you. finally we got into a really bad argument to the point were he kicked me out his house! And disrespected me in ways I can't even say after that I told him he didn't have to worry about this b*t*h any more and that was that untill he called n apoligized for his actios an so did I .today im 17 and still love him with all my heart but were jus friends and really good ones too besties actually and even though there's allways that okward silence were a kiss would usally happen next I like where were at and hope he is part of my life 4 all of my days an maybe in the future we can give it another shot


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