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      The Mystery of Love


At age nineteen, I can't help to realize that I am going through things for the first time. I've found relationships ending in an intangible fashion taking a piece of my soul with it. I admit my mistakes in the past but could never revise the past. The meticulous and tedious nature of understanding the art of disengagement between two lovers has become one of my greatest questions in my short life. As I am positive allowing personal subjectivity towards the meaning of a disengagement only leads to blurriness and dilution. Which the quote follows, "he who revises the past is a fool." I had thought long and hard about why people leave me, and I've become lonely with my memories of a time when once relationships flourished and i enjoyed the greatest years of my life. Faith in love and faith in the future keeps me on the path towards the vague notion of happiness that we all so vigorously paddle towards.

I wish well of her, and all the so-so insignificant ones.


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