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      Missing you


As you allow me to reopen the pass I've felt so clearly over, you also allow me to feel the exhilaration that comes from loving you. You're no longer mine, and I am no longer yours but the distinction doesn't apply when I am near you. I slept in your room again, but on the floor - forever I will remember the moment when you left me. I consult a friend and I tell him, "you know that feeling about your first love, I want that again." He replies, "John, you will never get that feeling again, I am sorry to be the one to tell you, however, you might find someone else that might even be better." There is hope, and all things will pass good or bad. I won't say come back to me, because it's simply too far too late. To bear our names as we did for the last five years would only result in quagmire and unbearable memories. You may not always be there in my life, but you will always be my first love. To the everlasting presence of pain and common belief of love.


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